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It’s Giving Psychic (Vibes) all Pisces Season Long

>> Use the unique, supernatural power of the season instead of letting it have power over you. >>

Known as one of the most emotionally perceptive signs in all the lot, Pisces are empaths at birth and constantly trying to make rational sense of it all. Until it’s too much, of course. Pisces season (February 19 – March 20) is synonymous with the new growth of Spring, emotional connections and the unsaid. Every 30 days or so, the sun visits a new zodiac sign in a season of astrological energy. Known as the gut-feeling sign (one of three mutable water signs), when we’re in the season of Pisces we are definitely more tuned in — to everything.

Why does Pisces season matter? Symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, you can think of yourself as a full-blown psychic empath during this time. While celebrating the end of the zodiac calendar, there’s a sense a balance versus the normal chaos of emotions because you feel like you’re in the know.

The season encourages us all to become less concerned with details and practical, solid elements but instead to focus on the currents of emotions and the proverbial heart. A typical Pisces is perceived as psychic because they’re so connected to other people’s emotions and needs — sometimes to a fault. Now is your time to benefit from these deep perceptions. Sounds great but the challenge during this time is the same challenge Pisces struggle with all year: living in the real world.

Use the unique, supernatural power of the season instead of letting it have power over you.

You might have already guessed it but I’m a Pisces. Instead of working on new year resolutions and coming up with career goals in January, I typically do all that in February around my birthday. Not only is it timed perfectly with the end of the zodiac year, a new trip around the sun gives me a fresh look at life laid out before me. So, bust out those journals and dust off those day planners — and get to work on a new, balanced year with hint of inside knowledge.

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