Summertime Sadness in Cancer Season
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Summertime Sadness in Cancer Season

>> While nursing the biggest COVID hangover known to man, we’re catching feelings and jumping into bed with the Divine Feminine. >>

While nursing the biggest introvert (and COVID) hangover known to man from crazy Gemini Season and the Summer Solstice, we’re catching feelings and jumping into bed with the Divine Feminine. Every 30 days or so, the Sun visits a new zodiac sign in a season of astrological energy. Emotions run high during Cancer Season (June 22 through July 23), so pay attention as the tide-pulling moon plunges us into the depths (one of three water signs) of our most primal and important feelings.

Why does Cancer Season matter? Symbolized by the Crab, not only will we be more sensitive but moods will also change without notice during this time – like a rollercoaster. Because of this, there will be a strong desire to stay home, nest and rediscover creature comforts.

If we’re feeling brave enough to venture out of our shells, it’s best to have people over for dinner instead of going out.

Our anxieties and uncomfortable issues are top of mind during this time, so focus on personal growth with a new book or meditation exercises.

As a fellow water sign and one drawn to other water signs (most of my best friends are Cancers, Scorpios and Pisces), I can attest Cancers are the worst offenders of trying to protect their vulnerable side. They take that hard shell everywhere with them like a crabby baby but at the same time, that shell offers a solid foundation. Make connections with friends and family a priority right now and keep in mind those emotions will recede with the tide by July 24.

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