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Gemini Season: Sparking the F-Word as Social Butterflies and Kindred Spirits

>> Experience Gemini Season as a social butterfly, book reviews and more. >>

Let’s face it, as we crawl out of our hidey holes this spring after a draining two years, it might feel hard to have the F-word. That’s fun, by the way, for those of you who think in the gutter.

But seriously, it’s pretty hard to ignore the pull Gemini Season has on us all to have fun right now. Every 30 days or so, the Sun visits a new zodiac sign in a season of astrological energy. Booping and bopping May 22-June 21 during Gemini Season, we’re a lot like social butterflies, fluttering our way around the world (one of three air signs) from one party to the next dinner.

Why does Gemini Season matter? The Twins are a dynamic duo of nosy, charismatic extroverts. They’re known for being a little frustrating, however, when their dualities get in the way of making an important decision alone. I recommend either holding off on making major decisions until June 22 or at least use the buddy system and get a second set of eyes on your next move.

Want to have that feeling of twinning but still stay at home?

What to Read During Gemini Season

1) Lucy Maud Montgomery // Anne of Green Gables series

At an early age I fell in love with this series, especially Anne Shirley’s relationship with her bosom buddy and kindred spirit Diana Barry. It’s a nostalgic coming of age story from grade school to college to married life. Five out of five stars for sure.

2) Francine Pascal // Sweet Valley High books

I was also fascinated by the dynamics of the identical twins, Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield. Starting with high school and beyond, the silly adventures of these ’80s icons can’t be missed! Four out of five stars because they’re a little more trashy (but fun!) than Green Gables.

Now is the time to focus on those relationships you have with kindred spirits, hone in on your communication skills and turn up the volume on your curiosity.

Oh ya, and have some FUN!

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